Diamond Heads
by Paul Brown Hawaii

Diamond Heads by Paul Brown Hawaii

Diamond Heads --- Paul Brown makes two products with the name Diamond Heads Head products are:

  1. Diamond Heads Hair Cuticle Sealer
                     now called Diamon Heads Ultra Shine Serum
  2. Diamond Heads Shine Amplifier a "pump spray"

Diamond HeadsThe Paul Brown Hair Cuticle Sealer is a conditioning cuticle sealer and shiner.It adds a diamond like radiance to hair, while KuKui nut oil imparts sheen and luster. It will enhance color and add shine to dull hair. Infuses incredible shine and softness into your hair, while protecting your hair from styling damage. Diamond heads also contains natural, hair protecting, sun-screen to keep your hair safe while you play & swim in the sun.

Use in bothe rejuvinaiton_cocktail options, when you hair need s deep conditioning treatment.

Formulated by Paul Brown in Hawaii, Diamond Heads Hair Cuticle Sealer can physically seal the outer layer of the hair shaft. This sealed layer creates a refined surface that reflects light and delivers the ultimate manageability.

Styling Tips: Add a few drops of Diamond_Heads Cuticle Sealer to Passion_Shine_Gel or Gelatin_Goo, apply to hair in small
twists, "piecey fashion" for textured look with a "little wet look" and a lot of shine.

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Shine AmplifierShine Amplifier Shine Spray

Adds brilliance and creates a great shine with Paul Browns' Shine Amplifier. It does more than just add shine it Amplifies the brilliance of your hair!

Add a burst of brilliance to any style with this ultimate finisher, without adding weight. Shine Amplifier also contains sunscreen and produces great shine.

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