Hair At Rest
by Paul Brown Hair

Hair At Rest by Paul Brown Hawaii

Hair At Rest

Was designed as a curl reduction system to eliminate the manageability problems and extraordinary frizziness in extremely tight, naturally curly hair. It can also be used to redirect cowlicks or remove overly-tight or unwanted perms. 

hair at rest is chemically part of the permanent waving systems family and cannot be used on hair that has been relaxed or treated with a sodium hydroxide, lye or lye-based products.

Contains NO ammonia or thioglycolate, and can be used on previously permed hair. It is enriched with ultra-conditioners, including the extraordinary Kukui Nut Oil (with Linolenic and Linoleic essential fatty acids) to leave the hair in soft, smooth and manageable condition. It is a two-part system, with a creme texturizer and a sodium bromate neutralizer.

Preparation: Wash hair with Washe Elite™ Shampoo and Condition with Resurrect™ for 3-5 minutes.* Rinse well and towel dry. If hair is extremely porous from previous perms or color, spray generously with Paul Brown™ Treat Elite™.

Application: Comb through the hair and section into 4 parts, frontline to nape and from ear to ear. Starting at the nape area, take ¾ inch subpartings and apply STEP ONE Crème Texturizer to the section with tint/application brush. Virgin Application: On naturally curly hair apply crème texturizer to a section using a wide toothcomb with medium tension, comb `down through the hair to achieve a straighter look. Re-growth Application: Apply the crème texturizer to the re-growth area only; pull products through ends during the last five to ten minutes.

Previously Permed Hair: Apply the crème texturizer to the permed area, combing gently through. Cowlick Redirection: Apply crème texturizer in the area needed, comb or over direct the treated sections into desired pattern and proceed with processing.

Roller Set: Prepare sections for roller, apply Hair-at-Rest™ by combing through for complete distribution and proceed rolling as a roller set or directional wrap, securing with plastic clips. Straight Perm Boards: STEP ONE solution can be buffered with HPFC powder to adhere better to the boards, this will result in a longer processing time.

Processing: For previously permed hair or extremely porous hair conditions, check a section in the occipital area after 10 minutes. For naturally curly hair, check a section after 15 minutes. If hair springs back, continue to process and checking in 5-minute increments. PROCESSING TIME SHOULD NOT EXCEED 25 MINUTES INCLUDING THE APPLICATION TIME Note: when using boards with the buffering HPFC processing time is 30 minutes after the last board. Rinse hair thoroughly for at least 5 minutes. Keep the hair as straight as possible, squeeze excess moisture from the hair and blot dry with a towel.

Neutralizing: Apply STEP 2 neutralizer to each section with the same application techniques as used with the processing solution. Thoroughly apply the neutralizer and comb through each section. Allow to process for a full 10 minutes. Rinse 30-5 minutes with warm water. Condition with Alani Sport or Resurrect Conditioner then rinse thoroughly and towel dry. . Apply 2-4 drops of Paul Brown™ Diamond Heads and proceed with styling. After 48-72 hours of stabilizing time the hair should be maintained with Washe Elite, Resurrect and Diamond Heads Cuticle Sealer.


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