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Hapuna Cleanse Shampoo is a Balancing Cleanser for Fine & Normal Hair

Hapuna Cleanse Shampoo

This rich blend of fruit and plant extracts protect and prolong haircolor, adding luster and fullness. Keeps hair and scalps natural oils balanced, maintaining healthy shine and vibrancy. Contains silk protein which prevents hair from alkaline material damage and increases the hair's elasticity and natural shine.

Formulated with Paul Brown Hawaii proprietary Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex. Free of sodium chloride, sulfates and parabens. Includes kukui nut oil which has one of the highest percentage of essential fatty acids than in any other popular oils used in today's haircare products

Use: This is a gentle balancing shampoo that can be used daily to cleanse your hair and your scalp thoroughly.This weightless cleanser will preserve your haircolor and protect your hair from further environmental damage which can cause dryness, eventually leading to hair breakage. Hapuna Cleanse also nourishes your hair and your scalp with powerful botanical and fruit extracts, keeping both at its perfect, natural balance.

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