Hapuna Styling Paste
by Paul Brown Hawaii

Hapuna Styling Paste by Paul Brown Hawaii

Hapuna Styling Paste Hapuna Styling Paste Molding Creme is a pliable molding paste that texturizes without weighting your hair down, leaving your hair shiny and polished. Use your Styling Paste to transforms your hairs texture adding volume, density, and thickness to even the finest, thinnest hair.

Styling paste contains kukui nut oil, a known natural protein and sunscreen with linoleic (42%) essential fatty acid and linolenic (29%) essential fatty acid, which work together to renew sheen, elasticity and balance the moisture needed by both your hair and your scalp.

Key ingredients: Includes kukui nut oil which has one of the highest percentage of essential fatty acids than in any other popular oils used in today's haircare products. Environmentally friendly formulation and packaging.

How to use: This weightless workable molding paste adds fullness and volume, boosting and lifting any hair type in all the right places. A pliable formulation that adds styling definition, flexibility and versatility enhancing any style easily and effortlessly. Whether the desired look is smooth and sleek, or thick and voluminous, this malleable paste will transform and transfix hair's texture.

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