Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex
by Paul Brown Hawaii

Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex by Paul Brown Hawaii

Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex Utilizing a blend of twelve Hawaiian Island botanical extracts, each one offering its own distinctive benefit, combined with the amazing properties of the Kukui Nut Oils, the trade-marked "Hawaiian protein flora complex" is found throughout the Paul Brown Hawaii product line.

  Botanical Extracts Benefits  
  Arrowroot Adds fullness and body to the hair Paul Brown Hawaii Hair Care Products - complex
  Banana A protein that adds shine to the hair
  Coconut Adds oil to the hair for sheen
  Guava Contains Vitamins Kelp And Lemongrass Cleanses-Papaya, Cleanses-Fruit, Cleanses-Raspberry Cleanses-Ginger, Adds Sandalwood, Acts-Watercress, Contains Vitamins A, B & C for healthier hair.
  Kelp An important nutrient for the roots of the hair
  Lemongrass Cleanses and gives hair sheen and body
  Papaya Cleanses the hair
  Passionflower Fruit Cleanses the hair. high in Vitamin C
  Raspberry Cleanses the hair, reduces buildup
  Hawaiian White Ginger Adds body to the hair
  Sandalwood Acts as a softener on the hair
  Watercress Contains Vitamin A. adds moisture to the hair
  Rejuvenation Cocktail: Combine 1oz Resurrect Conditioner  + 1/4oz Kukui Nut Hot Oil + 1/4 oz Diamond Heads Cuticle Sealer: Mix well Shampoo hair gently rinse & apply cocktail cover with & apply heat for 10 to 15 minutes, let cool rinse and squeeze hair in towel to dry.

paul brown hawaii hair care products - Kukui Nut, signature ingredientKukui Nut Oil Lipids
Kukui Nut Secretes known to the ancient Hawaiians: it penetrates the skin and hair, replacing lost moisture, while smoothing, protecting and adding incredible shine!


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