Hawaiian Keratin Straightening
by Paul Brown Hair

Hawaiian Keratin Straightening by Paul Brown Hawaii

Hawaiian Keratin Straightening is designed for straightening, and repairing the condition of chemically compromised hair.

  • Keratin Straightening Treatment is a specialized straightening and repairing conditioner for chemically compromised hair.
  • For optimum results this product is not recommended for virgin hair because the results will be minimal.
  • It can reduce curl pattern up to 50%
  • Perfect for repairing chemically damaged hair that you typically would not perform a chemical straightening service on.
  • Keratin and Hydrolyzed Keratin; a conditioning active and natural substantive to the hair.
  • Protects the hair from the effects of fiber agents, helps preserve the natural tensile strength and feel properties of the hair.
  • Protects the hairs natural keratin through a self-sacrificing mechanism in which it forms a protein shield on the cuticle while being attacked by external aggressors, in which it forms films that smooth the cuticle.
  • Penetrates into the hair cortex to provide moisturizing and softening effects.
  • Formaldehyde Free-No Harsh Chemicals, Environmentally Safe.

Here is what youcan expect whn you get thei service at your Paul Brown Salon

  1. Consultation: Conduct a thorough consultation with your client; analyze the scalp and condition of the hair. For optimum results the Keratin Straightening System is highly recommended for chemically challenged and processed hair due to chemical services.
  2. The Keratin Straightening System is not recommended for virgin hair because the results will be minimal. Preparation: Shampoo twice with Paul Brown Clarifying Shampoo. Thoroughly towel dry the hair.
  3. Application: Divide hair into (4) 'T' partings and clip hair out of the way. Take small sections of the hair and begin applying the Hawaiian Keratin Straightening treatment at the nape of the neck, 1/4 down from the root, through the ends, with a tint bowl and brush. Continue with these steps through out all (4) 'T' partings until hair is completely covered, but not saturated. Upon completion of application, using a wide tooth comb, gently distribute the solution through the hair.
  4. Processing: Remembering to keep hair as straight as possible, allow hair to absorb the solution at room temperature for up to 10 min for chemically processed hair and 12 min. for Virgin hair. Blow dryer hair with a wide tooth comb and fingers. For maximum absorption seat client under hooded dryer w/ heat cap for times recommended. Section hair into (4) 'T' partings using a wide tooth comb; you may use clips w/ no or minimal teeth to hold the sections in place. DO NOT wrap or curl the hair. Allow the hair to remain loose and straight. Note: This is a non-chemical
    service; there is no need to rush.
  5. Ironing the Hair: Apply Paul Brown Hawaii's Diamond Heads and/or Shine Amplifier to help smooth & seal the cuticle and provide extra protection to porous ends. Using the Paul Brown Hawaii Ceramic Ionic Styling Iron at 410 degrees, take small sections and begin flat ironing the
    hair from scalp to ends in all (4) 'T' partings. Each section may take 2 to 3 passes in order to infuse the product into the hair until all vapors have completely dissipated. DO NOT use any thermal products; the treatment has built in thermal protectors. NOTE: it is important that the
    hair is straightened slowly and exactly. DO NOT rush this process or you will not reach maximum results.
  6. Completion: Your service is now completed. Allow the hair to rest for 72 hours before shampooing the hair. During the 72 hr. rest period, it's important that the hair remain straight. Do not pull hair in a pony tail. If hair should get wet due to rain and or accidentally get wet from
    showering, dry the hair completely and re iron the hair with your Paul Brown Ceramic Ionic Styling Iron.
  7. To help maintain that luxurious, shiny, manageable hair at home utilize the following products:
    • Paul Brown Hawaii Ceramic Ionic Styling Iron for daily touch ups as needed.
    • Shampoo with our Hapuna "Anti-frizz" Silk Shampoo & Hapuna Silky Reconstructor which are sulfate, paraben & sodium chloride free. They will help prolong the color and are humidity resistant and will assist in maintaining a healthy, shiny & straight hair style. For that added boost of health and shine we recommend using our
    • Diamond Heads hair cuticle sealeror
    • Shine Amplifier


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