Kukui Nut Oil
by Paul Brown Hawaii

Kukui Nut Oil by Paul Brown Hawaii

Kukui Nut Oil Treatment Kukui Nut Oil

Replaces moisture without lifting color

The Kukui Nut from Hawaii is the source of essential fatty acids, both "Linoleic" and "Linolenic", that replenish luster and elasticity to dryand damaged hair. This lightweight non-greasy formula replaces moisture content naturally. Kukui Nut "Hot" Oils do not remove or lift color as it is a natural nut protein.

Color & Perm & Deep Conditionig Tips:

  • Color For any color service, add up to 1/4 ounce of Kukui Nut Oil to color formula. Kukui Nut Oil will not alter color or
    change timing of process but will add essential fatty lipids to hair, leaving the hear healthier and more manageable
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  • Resurrect Conditioner Kukui Nut Oil Treatment Diamond Heads
    Add 1/8 to 1/4 ounce of Kukui Nut Oil to all of your perm neutralizers to provide two essential fatty lipids into the hair, it will not alter the neutralizing process or the performance of the perm, but will help leave the hair healthier ad again more manageable.
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  • Deep Conditionig Kukui Nut Oils is also part of the ingredients in the Paul Brown Rejuvination Cocktail Deep Conditioning System for Moisture.
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