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Of course the key to a Paul Brown Salon are the Paul_Brown_Products, starting with the Paul_Brown_Shampoo all of the Paul_Brown_Hair_Products utilize the natural benefits fund in Hawaiian plants, foliage, trees, Hapuna water and the surrounding bounty of the ocean, to enhance the beauty of your hair.

When you are having your hair straightened, (weather or not it is at a Paul Brown Salon) you need to see the Paul Brown Hair Care home maintenance after re texturizing your hair. At a Paul Brown Salons you can expect that your stylist will be abel to choose from the 5 basic paul_brown_straightening systems. This is simply a process of matching the needs and condition of your hair to the Paul Brown straightening system that is most appropriate for you.

The opposite process is used when applying the three Professional use only, Paul Brown Salon Perms, to make your hair curly. First the hair is wrapped around a perm rod. This mechanical wrapping or bending process creates stress on the internal cross link bonds. When the solution is applied some of the bonds are released and and because of the stress they move to a new position. When the hair is neutralized the cross bonds are re-formed in their new position so the hair remains "permanently curly," and you continue life with your new permed hair. The three Paul Brown Salon perms are:

  • title wave #1 acid permTidal Waves #1
    • Acid Perm
    • The mildest of the perms
    • Soft "C" type curl; good for body waves, for finer hair types
    • Gives a soft "C" curl pattern
    • Can be used on color treated hair up to 30 volume

  • title wave #2 alkaline permTidal Waves #2
    • Alkaline Perm
    • Medium perm; most popular
    • Gives firm "S" curl pattern
    • Long lasting curl
    • Can be used on color treated hair up to 20 volume

  • title wave #3 exothermic permTidal Waves #3
    • Exothermic Perm - (exo thermic means "self- heating")
    • Self heating perm; firmest hold
    • Gives a crisp "S" curl pattern; very well defined curl, longest lasting perm
    • For fine or resistant hair that doesn't hold other perms well
    • Can be used on color treated hair up to 20 volume

For the fashion forward Paul Brown Salon hair stylists also offer innovative, cutting edge Hair Cuts and Hair Styling Techniques.


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