UnWindIt Hair Straightening
by Paul Brown Hair

UnWindIt Hair Straightening by Paul Brown Hawaii

UnWindIt Hair Straightening : Unwindit is an "In Salon" thermal, chemical retexturizing system that will reduce natural curl or take the hair to "stick straight.".


  • The Undwindit retexturizing system should not be used on hair that has been
  • double-processed,
  • bleached,
  • treated with Lye, No lye, Sodium, Potassium, or Calcium based chemical relaxers.
  • If you ignore this waring you may be at risk of severe breakage, moisture and protein depletion, and/or hair loss.

This in salon treatment takes That takes 10 steps.: Here is what you can expect in the salon whn you are having this treatment:

  1. Prepare the hair - shampoo and condition the hair
  2. If the hair seems dry or porous then one of 2 cocktail systems should be applied
  3. dry the hair half way - use treat elite porosity equalizer and/or kukui nut oil then finish drying the hair
  4. apply the unwindit straightener - comb through
  5. process - check the time and use the " test knot" system to determine when the hair processingis done
  6. rinse and gently dry hair using fingers ad a blow dryer
  7. flat iron the hair staright
  8. apply the neutralizer - process 10 minutes
  9. rinse, seal with Paul Brown shine Sealant then dry the hair
  10. re-flat iron the hair and keep dry and straight for 72 hours.
  • It will take all hair smooth, and silky straight if the instructions are followed properly.
  • Unwindit can be used on color treated, and highlighted hair as long as no more than 20 volume developer has been used. It can also be used on previously permed or straightened hair that contains a thio base.
  • The Paul Brown Hawaii Unwindit system is formulated with Cysteamine Hydrochloride the active ingredient and, Sodium Bromate as the neutralizer, both proven to be gentler in restructuring the hair than most conventional retexturizing systems.
  • Cysteamine Hydrochloride is when the Thioglycolate molecules are infused down with Amino Acids. This has been proven to condition the hair as it breaks down the bonds. Sodium Bromate contains No Ammonia and does not lift permanent color. It also, aids in reduction of "after chemical" service odors.
  • The Unwindit System is a PH of 10.8


  • Classic System: For Chemically treated hair: Washe Elite, Ressurect, Diamond Heads
  • Hapuna System: For color treated hair: Hapuna Cleanse shampoo, Hapuna Conditioner, and Diamond Heads
  • Stay Straight: For anti-frizz and smoothing: Stay Straight Shampoo, Stay straight Conditioner, Molding Creme and/or Smoothing Balm.


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